(choice of two; add $3 per person for antipasto)
  whole wheel of brie cheese baked in puff pastry and garnished
      with fresh fruit
  whole side of smoked salmon served with assorted bagels, cream
      cheese, onions, and tomatoes
  antipasto platter: balsalmic roasted peppers; marinated grilled
      spring vegetables; assorted olives; thin-sliced sopressatta salami;
      herbed white bean salad; marinated artichoke hearts; feta cheese
  hummus and baba ganoush with grilled pita bread
  potato and leek soup, gazpacho, or lobster bisque....
  freshly baked focaccia bread stuff with Italian meats and cheeses
      and cut into small sections
  warm cheese blintzes or strawberry and cream crepes
  torta rustica: layers of spinach, roasted peppers, tomatoes, and cheese
      baked in a savory dough
  assorted quiche or frittata
    (choice of three - see hors d'oeuvre menu for more)
  grilled shrimp with thai peanut sauce
  walnut and grape chicken salad tartlets
  bite-sized pan-fried crab cakes with remoulade dressing
    (choose one)
  sautèed boneless, skinless chicken breasts with caramelized onions
      and wild mushrooms in a light sherry sauce
  grilled whole side of atlantic salmon sliced to order and served with a
      lemon mint vinaigrette accompanied by basmati and wild rice pilaf
  sautèed chatham sole dipped in egg and serve with a
      light lemon herb sauce
  choice of Caesar; mixed field greens; sliced native tomato and fresh 
      buffalo mozzarella; sliced seasonal melon and berries